Twinkle Reading Program – Kids Earn Free Books

Twinkle Reading Program


Dear Reader,

Reading makes all things possible using your imagination. We love the ideas that stories that can provide you as you grow and develop your aspirations. This is one of the many reasons Twinkle Twinkle Little Store is supportive of your child’s reading development with our Twinkle Reading Program, compliments of Twinkle Outreach. The Twinkle Reading Program is a way for young readers to earn free books!

1) Read any 3 books and record them on the Twinkle Reading Program list.

2) Bring your completed list to Twinkle Twinkle Little Store anytime during the year.

3) Choose your FREE book from our designated bookshelf of complimentary books.

4) Repeat up to once per month!

Please click the link for the PDF version of the Reading List to fill out and turn in.

Twinkle Reading Program List