Rental Testimonials


“This store has incredible deals on baby and kids clothing, resale and new. Also, the best place to rent cribs, strollers, etc” Lynne Cook 11/2017

“Great for our vacation to Naples! We rented for the week a baby swing, jumperoo, and bouncer– everything was clean and delivered on time to our rental house. We will definitely use them again and this made our trip so much easier.” Renee Sarb 10/2017

“I heard about this store from my Aunt who has used  your services in the past. You made my vacation stress  free and traveling a breeze! Your website made  ordering simple and I knew exactly what I was getting  based on on the picture and description. When we  arrived to our rental house, the items were already   there and CLEAN! your reminder emails about delivery  and pickup gave me one less thing to worry about. Two  weeks before we came down to Marco Island, I called  to exchange an item I had rented and it was done with  no hassle! I wish more tourist destinations would have  stores like this! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!”  Melissa Kern 1/7/2016

“I absolutely loved everything. I was really impressed  with the staff. When I called to schedule the rental, the  girl was so polite and helpful. The quality of the items  were great. I will definitely rent from you guys again.  Thank you for making my visit so easy with a toddler!!!!”  Erin Carlson 12/20/2015

“I called the store to confirm a couple of things before I  placed my order online.  The staff was extremely  helpful. The items we received crib, strollers, boppy,  various toys, were an excellent price.  The made our  trip less stressful because everything we received was  perfect and in working order. You had everything  covered that we needed. Items were placed on  a back  patio, so they were there when we arrived late and  easy to set up.  It was nice not to have to rush back to  the store because the rentals were picked up. Thank  you so much for making our trip less stressful by  providing great options for rentals!” Maria Luitjohan  12/16/2015

“I’m new to Naples and was having my 15 month  grandson out to visit from the west coast. I rented a  highchair, car seat, push walker and a laundry basket  full of toys. So thankful to have found this store. Prices  are reasonable and the staff was very kind and  accommodating. They even installed the car seat in my  car.” Andi Wood-Navin 11/3/2015

“Entire experience was simple, prices and availability  easily accessible on website and when calling with  additional questions and confirmation everyone was  cordial and very helpful. Considering we were visiting  for the week with our 18 month old and pretty much  rented the entire store I was pleasantly surprised at  how efficiently we could do it, including it being  delivered at no additional charge. Everything was either  new or hardly used.  Most importantly, considering our  son was thrilled and had plenty of toys to play with over  the 7 days I’d rate this over a 10. Deliver was on time  and the delivery man was very nice, very helpful and  even helped set a few items up for us.Keep doing what  you’re doing and rest assured we’ll keep coming back.  We’ll be back in May 2016 for another family trip so  expect a call.  :)” Eric Shephard 9/14/2015

“I love the ease of booking online. We have used your  rental service the last two times we have been in FL.  We have been very impressed with the delivery and set  up, punctuality of delivery and pick up, and availability of  the items we have rented. Thank you for making our  visits to Florida stress free and enjoyable!” Meredith- Joy Petersheim 7/31/2015

“We have had excellent experience with this service.   All products ordered in stock for dates we wanted. Very  reasonable rates. All items in good condition and good  quality with name brands. You had everything we  needed Usually on time and when there was a delay, we were  called and notified ahead of time. This is an excellent  and highly valued service. Having to bring baby gear  while on vacation is very difficult and you have  everything we needed.” Lynn Douglas 7/19/2015

“I just want to thank you for offering such a fantastic  service. You really helped us out when we travelled to  Naples in June with our 18 month old son. I think the  co-op concept is such a great idea and can’t believe I  haven’t come across more business like this. There  are a lot of Moms out there who would love to be  involved in something like this. Amazing service, so  impressed, thank you. Kind Regards, Catherine Spillane” 7/6/2015

“Great people to work with. We rented a crib and two  booster seats. The crib was very clean, in great  condition and had extra bedding. Since we didn’t arrive  Naples until late, Twinkle provided a very easy drop off  and setup service – no need to be present. The same  was for pick up. Highly recommended and will use  again.: Mike B of Naperville, IL on 6/1/2015

“Loved the we could specifically rent a BOB stroller and  not a generic running stroller.  The stroller we rented  was in excellent shape- seemed like brand new!”  Emily Medcraft 4/27/2015

“The car seat was wonderful..  We had no idea that you  would install our carseat.  This was an added bonus.  This is a wonderful place.  I have rented from you for  several years and I will be back next year.  The ladies working could not have been nicer or more helpful.”  Ellen Gordon 4/25/2015

“Excellent!  Very easy to access help and service.  Wonderful prices. Such a small price to pay for the  products supplied! Everything was in great shape and  age-appropriate.  I was very impressed with the crib  especially.  Better quality than we’ve gotten at resorts,  motels, etc. My husband visited the store.  He was very  impressed with the whole operation and the way it’s  staffed. Very cooperative about scheduling.” Barbara  Heilman 4/14/2015

“My husband and I were extremely impressed with the  service you provided us and the quality of the items we  needed for our son! We will be recommending you to  future families who are going to Florida and need baby  equipment! Thank you for providing such an easy,  affordable and wonderful service for families who  travel!” Michelle Pajot 4/13/2015

“All the latest and clean great shape. You have  everything that I could think of as a grandfather. Store  was much larger than I expected. Delivery was very fast  and they showed how everything worked. The store the  staff were all very helpful will be renting again next year  so much easier than hauling stuff on the plane” Mark  Mullen 4/7/2015

“Everyone who assisted us at either check in or with  the installation of the car seat had an excellent  customer service attitude and clearly knew their job.  Both the car seat and bed rail rental rates  were very  reasonable. Impressed with selection and array of available items.  We will definitely return for our future needs!” Deborah  Treiber 3/30/2015

“Very attentive service and very competent employees.  We loved the tricycle with the handle, we used it as a  stroller all week. I was not present but there were not any complaints  from my family, we even left our products outside on  the front steps and they picked it up.” Julie Connard  3/24/2015

“Thank goodness I found Twinkle Twinkle Little Store.  They made a recent vacation so much more enjoyable  with their convenient service. This is a review for their  rental/delivery service only as I haven’t actually been to  the store.

We rented a portable crib and beach/jogging stroller for  a recent trip to Naples. It’s such a relief to have a place  with such an extensive offering of baby gear so we  don’t have to worry about packing it, paying to check it,  lugging it around an airport, etc.

I just wish we had rented more stuff. They have toys,  pool accessories, and really anything you could think of  needing for your little tot on vacation. The prices are  extremely reasonable. Most items cost less than the  amount it would cost to check for the flight.

Finally, our delivery driver was great! Super helpful and  friendly even on a hot, busy spring break rush day. He  even took the time to give us a tutorial on using the  jogging stroller. Can’t wait to use Twinkle Twinkle for  our next trip!” Caroline C. Cincinnati OH on  3/22/2015

“Easy, efficient and very pleasant experience.  Each  item was clean and in great condition. I highly  recommend Twinkle Twinkle Little Store” Deborah  Ritchie 3/19/2015

“Extremely friendly and very helpful, very reasonable  prices.  We rented both a highchair and the portable  chair because the prices were good, and gave us  more flexibility. Not being able to see the items in  person, I was a little worried, but was pleasantly  surprised. Everything was clean and in very good  condition. Delivery and pick-up were at a time that  worked for us. I was mostly concerned about the car  seat, which was a very good brand, and they even put it  in the car for us, to make sure it was properly secured  for our grandson.  Having the option to either pick up or  deliver is good.  I also like the fact that you will deliver a  car seat to the airport.  We were also fortunate that  when the flight was cancelled and we needed the  items for a couple of extra days you were able to  accommodate – a life saver – THANKS.  We have given  your name and information to the house rental  company to pass on.” Susan Dietrich 3/16/2015

“Very happy with the whole experience.  Customer  service is outstanding!  Pricing was very reasonable.   Pick up and delivery happened right on schedule, as  promised.  Would definitely use TTLS again and  strongly recommend to friends.” Ross Elder 3/17/2015

“Great prices and quality brands! Very very clean and  awesome quality.  Great selection of toys. Clean and a  great array of items! Friendly and helped my in laws set up everything.  That  was a huge help- especially with the car seats! Keep  doing what you’re doing! 🙂  We were really impressed  and will be reserving again in the future!” Vicky Van  Tholen 3/7/2015

“Very easy and accurate. I wanted to add an item and it  was done no problem! Amazing value! I will  use/recommend your services again! Quality better  than I could have expected. I think you have it all! You  made the process of delivery EXTREMELY convenient!  I have never had such an experience. I think you have  an amazing business! Your products are clean and  that is very important. The fact that you deliver/pick-up  really took that off my plate of things to take care of  during our visit. THANK YOU!!” Erin Tomlinson 3/2/2015

“Very responsive people, whether online or on the  phone. Love the new cribs! You have everything!  Things I didn’t even think of. Your delivery man did a wonderful job, and he’s very  personable! You all do a fantastic job! I will use you  again in the future. Grandchild #4 is on the way! ” Lisa  Query 2/12/2015

“Everything was great. We especially loved the crib.  Your company is the best baby supply rental company  we’ve worked with. Your staff is very professional, your  service is outstanding and your prices very reasonable.  We will be back! ” Christine Odell 2/11/2015
“Great customer service on the phone. I called and  asked questions before booking and the staff were  very friendly and helpful. It was very easy to order  online, and amend the order I had put in via email. All  items were in good working condition and appeared to  be relatively new. You had everything! My parents  reported that the delivery person was punctual, friendly,  and helpful. I was completely satisfied! You’re amazing  and made our trip so much easier and stress-free.”  Alanna Silver 2/11/2015

“My order was taken promptly and confirmed with items  and prices totally accurate. I thought the prices were  just right for the item we received. I was very pleased  with the quality and condition of everything we  received.  I was amazed at the inventory you have of  everything needed to care for babies, toddlers and  children. Everything was ready and waiting for me to  pick up and only took a few minutes.  The order was  exactly as I requested.” Beverly Wilkerson 1/24/2015

“Great experience all rentals were clean and in good  condition. Delivery and pick up on time and prices are  very reasonable for this service. I would recommend  Twinkle Twinkle to anyone who needs to rent baby  gear. I will definitely use this service again” Linda  Hedden 12/27/2014

“As a grandmother, LOVED the fact that the employees  had their children with them yet were able to efficient &  helpful. I purchased a few items and rented a crib.   Excellent experience.  Crib was delivered on time by a  very helpful Kyle. Ihave rented elsewhere in the past  and found this crib in excellent condition with Kyle  emphasizing the proper and safe way to assemble  when moved for the baby. amazing place — excellent  quality — excellent service — staff very helpful — keep up   the good work!” Lynn Catzman 12/22/201

“I recently rented from your store in December 2014  while staying in Marco Island.  I was impressed by the  quality of your products and the efficient service I  received.  I had previously rented from a competitor  during a previous vacation.  Your rental equipment was  much nicer quality and well cared for.  I will definitely be  renting from your store again during our next trip.   Thanks again!” Katie B Najarian 12/17/2014
“Easy online booking. Just the items we needed for our  grandson’s visit. The items were very clean.  The crib  was in excellent condition and easy to move to our van  and into our condo.  Sheets provided were new. Keep  up the good work you provide an excellent service to/for  FL visitors only needing items for short term.” Kathy  Fisher 9/24/2014  “Amazing experience! Will definitely rent again!  Excellent quality items. Everything was clean and  delivered/picked up on time. Very reasonable prices.  Loved the bonus we received as part of the summer  promotion!” Tawni Wagner 9/20/2014

“Best prices we found for the Naples area. I think that  is the biggest fear is getting the items and thinking you  wouldn’t even put a dirty dog near them, but that was  not true at all for the items that we have ordered the  past two years. Just a little wipe down for our own  comfort and voila…ready to use!” Jennifer Benoit  7/18/2014

“Everything was in good working order. I can’t think of  anything that wasn’t offered.  The person who delivered  was on time, friendly, and set everything up. You have a  great business!  We will definitely use your services  again!  Thank you!” Sarah Carolan 5/19/2014
“This is the second time we’ve rented from you and  both times we’ve been extremely impressed.  You will  most likely be seeing us again next year!” Allison  Ollanketo 5/16/2014

“The experience was above all expectations. The cribs  and high chairs were like brand new in superb  condition. Pick up and delivery was reliable and  perfect.” Bruce Jackson 4/29/2014

“Over here on holiday from England, have rented a crib  bedding, booster seat, basket full of toys and a baby  monitor, all set up in our villa before we arrived, so  easy to arrange too! Thank you!” Sue Smith 4/5/2014

“Very easy to order online. Appreciate the call a few  days before to confirm. This is an incredible service for  grandparents with children visiting. Could not imagine  what I would do without it.  This is our 3rd year of  renting.  Your store is too fun. Every year my daughter- in-law and kids and I have to visit. Thank you for just  making this something I don’t have to worry about.” Bev  Marcus 4/2/2014

.”It was better than I expected it to be. Everything was in  a great shape!  Pack & play sheets smelled like fresh  laundry!I have recommended you to many of my friends  and they have been happy with their orders and the  service they received.” Janine Rocchio 3/31/2014

“I was very happy with the items I ordered, their  cleanliness, and the courtesy of the staff. Delivery and  pick up were timely. I will definitely order from you  again when my grandson visits.” Jackie Keblan  3/29/2014

“The reservation was made on line and confirmed over  the phone. The staff was very professional and  handled all the details with great patience and  punctuality. Prices were very reasonable. I have found  your ability to follow up with your customers and make  sure everything goes as planned to be the most  valuable service, regardless of the price.” Inna  Reddington 3/3/2014
“Just rented from here for the second time, and had  another wonderful experience! Everything was dropped  off on time and in great condition! We definitely plan on  using them again in the future!” Kristina Hilber 3/2/2014

“A very great service.  I don’t know what we would have  done for our grandson. We didnt know anyone to lend  us a crib. I will definitely use you again and tell anyone  going to Naples about the store” Mary Mc Dermott  2/18/2014

“Our contacts were all pleasant. When we picked up  the items we had reserved to rent, the clerk suggested  we might want to rent a basket of toys.Our grandson  really enjoyed those toys!We thought that was both  kind and good marketing to suggest the additional  rental of toys. The rental prices were very reasonable.  Store was bright, inviting and clean. The employees  were helpful and pleasant. I liked the fact that they were  able to bring their children to the store. The experience  was very positive. We came to the store to reserve the  items. The clerk showed them to us. They were in  good condition and clean. The clerk was very  knowledgeable and pleasant. We will be coming down  again next year, and plan on renting items a again and  renting even more items since there will be more  grandchildren! We are going to tell our friends in our  same situation about the store. We were very  impressed! This is a great idea. We hope that you are  very successful!” Jean & Pat Willis 2/18/2014

“Very polite, and “on top of things”. Felt very comfortable  that my order would be taken care of and arrive on  time. Worth every penny, and not overly pricey. Really  appreciated that this was the AFFORDABLE choice for  us, rather than lugging all our stuff with us from home.   Everything was clean and in working order. Kids loved  having “new” toys to play with. We never saw the  Twinkle Twinkle rep, but they had no problem getting  into the resort and dropping the items at the door. We  left them out for pick up. Couldn’t have been easier.  Really appreciated the pick up. Great idea; I tell  everyone I know with kids traveling to the area to use  you!” Anne-Marie Kennedy 2/15/2014

“I made a last minute reservation & you were very  accommodating. Fabulous service. Clean, quality  items & excellent customer service. Thank You!” Amy  Ridley 1/15/2014

“This service is an absolute necessity for all people  traveling with little ones to the Naples area.  The fact  that we did not have to travel with any baby gear made  our overall experience a very pleasant one.  The  reservation process was extremely easy and Twinkle  verified and followed up in a timely manner. Thank  you.” Bob Gemmell 12/29/2013

“Love that you can request everything online and see  photos of all of the available items.Loved all that we  were able to rent for $20 for the week.  I was skeptical  about what we would get and my mom was excited to  be able to pick out the toys to fill the large tub for my  daughter.  This was perfect as my mom knows what  she loves!  I was super excited that she was able to  rent a lot of musical toys with the batteries included.”  Betty Hatter 12/24/2013

“Excellent!  This is the 3rd time I have rented from  Twinkle and always received exceptional service.”  Cindy Coish 12/23/2013

“I am so happy that I found your store! As a new  grandma, I want my grandson to be comfortable when  he comes to visit, but I have a small house…so  acquiring a lot of baby stuff doesn’t work. You make  renting so easy. Everything was clean, sturdy, easy to  use. Thank you very much!!” Susan Cone on facebook. com 12/11/2013

” We had our 4 toddler grandkids coming to visit and  we needed everything!  We were extremely pleased  and impressed with the assistance, quality and  customer service!  Toddler beds, pack n plays, car  seats, beach wagon, beach toys, booster seats and  more!  They even installed our car seats!  Very satisfied  with our experience.  Highly recommend!” Amy Y   12/1/2013    on

“I recently rented a portable full size wood crib from you. Everything worked out great. Thanks so much!!!!!! Cheryl Yarmus McGovern  8/23/2013 on faceb

“These folks know how to run a business. Their  website is user-friendly and very detailed. Service is  very friendly, efficient and punctual. The equipment is  clean, and of good quality. I cannot praise them  enough.”     Margaret Moussa    7/22/2013 on angieslist. com

“Our compliments to your entire operation.  We were  very pleased with everything – from the first time in your  store when we selected the furniture to the pick-up at  our home on Monday.  The quality of the items was first  class, the delivery and set-up by Evan was very efficient  (he kept us informed by phone as to the time of his  arrival) and the pick-up by Holly was equally efficient as  well.  Our son and daughter-in-law were very pleased  with the quality of the items as well.  We would  definitely highly recommend your store to all of our  friends.  Thank you for a job well done and we hope to  utilize your services in the future.”  Wayne & Mary Ann  Palicia   4/2/2013  “First time I used a rental service for baby articles. I  was very impressed, everything was very clean and in  good working order. The service was excellent. Thank  you very much.”   Ruth LaManga     3/28/2013

“Twinkle Twinkle saved us again. We traveled down  from Nova Scotia to spend a few weeks in SW Florida.  Great customer service, great delivery staff, good  products… saved us a pile of luggage on the plane,  and this dear ol’Dad form a mountain of lugging.I will  be back to use you again…. Thanks”  Cluny Nichols   2/11/2013

“We rented a carseat and couldn’t have been happier  with our experience. The seat was high-end, in  wonderful, clean condition and my son rode  comfortably and contentedly all throughout our trip.  Moreover, the staff was friendly and accommodating  and the price was very reasonable. Highly  recommended.” Lauren K   Brooklyn, NY   1/30/2013

“We rented the baby tent and I purchased a portable  bouncer,swim diapers and many various other items  and could not have been happier! The baby slept off  and on all afternoon in the tent.”  Candy Christine  7/8/2012

“Hi…attempted to fill out online survey giving you all 10s  and kudos from very pleased grandparents! Anyway… love the store…great find for us!   Karen Faccidomo     6/5/2011

“Thanks for everything this weekend it was perfect! And  thank you for setting up the pack n play it was a big  help since I was traveling without my husband.”      Lauren Newby     6/4/2012

“Customer service is very helpful and accommodating.  I have no problem with the prices. All gear was clean  and in good shape.  Would and have recommended  you to others. I just wanted to thank you again.  I’ve  rented your gear for the past two years and have been  extremely satisfied with everything.”     Lara Austrins      2/11/2012

“Thank you for helping to make our vacation so easy  again this year!  The 2 car seats that we rented were  perfect.  They were clean and installed safely in the  car.  The two bins of beach toys were great for our  kids.  There were more than enough toys to keep them  busy for many hours on the beach.  Thanks again!  I  will definitely recommend your service to friends that  travel In the area.  Best regards,  Jen McKean”       2/06/2012

“……I LOVE your store and your services!  You have  come up with a phenomenal business venture and I  sincerely hope you are doing well with it. I’ve been  shopping there every season for the last 3 years to  stock up on “summer clothes”, rental of high chairs, etc  and stocking up on age appropriate fun toys.  For sure  I’ll be by again a couple of times to stock up before my  little guys arrive in March.”   Sun Donlon   1/20/201 2

“From the phone conversations everyone was very  friendly and helpful. Great value! The equipment and  crib were in great condition. I really appreciated the  items we rented for our daughter for our trip. I like  using your store as your are a family owned business!”  Greg Pellish  11/19/2011

“Thank you Phillip for exceeding our customer service  expectations.  Phillip delivered 2 travel systems to  Alamo airport car rental  and notified them of our  delayed arrival, kept in contact with us and provided the  appropriate location And contact information necessary  to easily pick up the systems.  He stayed abreast of our  late night arrival, dropped off a bundle of other  equipment at our condo , verifying the correct drop off  location with us and left his contact info should we had  a problem.  Even more surprising was his prompt  follow up call the next morning.  Thank you Phillip, you  were awesome.” Debra Denke 8/26/2011

“2 years ago I used your rental of items for our 1 hr old granddaughter and she had soooo much fun  with the toys and bath seat, etc. That’s why I plan on  renting again from you in Feb when our 1 1/2 yr old  grandson comes with her now 3 yr old sister! Yours  was the first and only store I use. You are our go-to  place for sure!” Carolyn Zorn 8/13/2011

“Great experience as always. The site is easy to  navigate and the confirmation call came shortly after.  Price for items is worth it! We visit every year and keep  using you. The quality was excellent. I preferred the  cribs we received this time. They were easier to set up.  Items were delivered prior to our arrival which was  great for us! Pick up was timely and friendly. Great job!  Keep it up!”  Laura Kish   8/5/2011

“Always very nice and helpful. I ordered items online  and the confirmation came a day later. Prices are  great, very reasonable. Quality is the same as what I  would purchase, that is why I rent from Twinkle  Twinkle. I needed the items and didn’t want to have to  purchase them all, Twinkle Twinkle was reasonable  and had great quality products. I appreciate the fact that  there is a business that is there to help with such  items! Awesome to work with, thanks so much!”  Pennie   7/21/2011

” The reservation experience was excellent, very helpful  and streamlined. Thank you for making our family  vacation even more enjoyable.  It was great not have to  pack a baby stroller, beach and play toys and an  umbrella; it saved us money in the baggage claim  arena! Very convenient service that we were grateful to  have.  Thank you and we hope to visit Marco Island  soon by which we’ll be giving you a call.” Kelly Stover  7/2/2011

“I am 6 months pregnant and planning a trip to Fort  Myers this July with my 18 month old son. I wanted to  make the trip as stress free as possible and started to  inquire about baby equipment rentals. Your company  was by far the best I found. Phillip and his team were  friendly, helpful and truly understand good customer  service. I will be sure to recommend your store to my  family and friends. Thank you for making this adventure  pleasurable and stress free for me and my family.  Sincerely, Kristy Hawthorne.”  6/20/2011

“I wanted to thank you for providing your wonderful  rental service to the southwest Florida area. My family  recently went on vacation to Ft. Myers and were  traveling with three children (1 month, 1 year and 4  years). Packing for that many kids along with all their  gear can become a hassle. After searching online for  hours for a place that rents baby gear I decided to go  with your company. The prices could not be beat, many  were close to half of what other places charge! We  were able to rent everything we needed (three car  seats, a double stroller, a pac-n-play, booster chair  with tray, and a boppy pillow) from you! What made  your service stand out from others is that you are the  only rental place to offer delivery to the airport meaning  we didn’t have to lug car seats through the airports!  Your delivery drivers were right on time with drop-off  and even offered to take everything except the car seats  to our beach house! I was pleased to see all the  equipment was new and in excellent condition. After  our week was up, your driver picked up everything but  the car seats and then agreed to meet us at the airport  to pick-up the car seats from us. I will definitely be  using your service next time we are in your area and I  will always recommend you to my family and friends!  Keep up the good work! See you soon! :)” Kaleena Lauer   6/6/2011

“I stopped into the store to place my order and the gal  could not have been nicer…and so very helpful! To  spend about $100 for the use of all the necessary  items we needed for a week was an amazing value!  ALL of the items that we rented were in excellent  condition and extremely clean!  It was great to have it  all set up for us and ready when we walked in from our  flights down to Naples!  We even liked your bouncy  chair more than the one used up here in CT!!  I just  can’t say enough about how pleased my daughter and  I were with your service; your equipment and your fair  prices.  You could not have been more  accommodating and I will be singing your praises to  all that are in the market for your services!  We thank  you so very much and will be renting again as soon as  the “group from up north” head south again!” Dale  Meck 5/5/2011

“Our stuff was delivered to the airport by Philip and we  could not have been happier and more relieved to just  pick it all up and drop it off there! Thank you Philip for  making the trek and meeting us!  Prices are fantastic!  Everything is just like the pictures you show online. We  got what we expected. Everything was great. Pricing is  perfect and I am just so happy that you deliver! As a  repeat customer I tell everyone I know what a great  experience I have had and continue to have with your  store. Thanks for making my vacation that much  easier!”   Darcy Knott   3/19/2011

“I made a call to check out prices and get info about  rentals for my mom’s house while we are visiting. I  think I spoke with Amber, and she was very helpful and  answered questions above and beyond! Your rental  prices are AMAZING! I thought we were going to have to  tough out the weekend there with no swing or big toys  and was a little nervous, but your prices are SO  affordable! You are a blessing!”     Rachel Fiedler      3/15/2011
“This is our third year working with you guys.  Services  has always been excellent and the rental items have  been clean and new! Thank you!” Erika Cantin  3/10/2011
“Your store and equipment was fabulous!  My daughter  was very pleased about the crib, high chair, swing, and  travel system for her 5 month old daughter. They live in  Buffalo and wish your store was there for all their  friends! …  A godsend for first time  grandparents living  in Florida!  We will be back!!!” Sandra Moore 2/9/2011

“Customer service was absolutely wonderful! The  rental prices were very fair. My rental experience was  wonderful!!! We were originally referred to Tiny Tikes  Treasures, and boy what a mistake. Luckily we  cancelled with them and used you guys. Everything we  rented was clean and nice, it far exceeded our  expectations. We stayed at two different places during  our stay and you made moving our items from one  hotel to another stress free. Also, the delivery/pickup  was timely and he was very friendly and helpful.  Thanks for a wonderful rental experience, we will be  seeing you next January on our annual trip to Florida!”  Deanna Arends 2/3/2011

“No one can fill your shoes! It was our first experience  to ever rent baby items and we certainly found the best  company… from the initial meeting everyone at the  store and being so helpful to the delivery and pickup…  everything was done to a “T”. You can be assured we  will call you again should we be in need of baby items  and we will also highly recommend your store to  others. Your politeness and your promptness were  also assets. May the New Year bring many blessings  to you, your employees and your families. Sincerely,  Dick & Anne Schepflin” 12/31/3010

“The home delivery & pick-up was a bonus! Our kids  were so impressed with the high quality goods. Price  is fantastic on both counts. I recommended you to my  cousin, Sue Stephenson, of Naples. Very good quality. … Keep up the great work. You provide a very  necessary service for us old farts.” Catherine Femal 12/27/2010

“We used you last year and were very pleased” Repeat customer Rita Kohn 12/18/2010.

“Devon: I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for  your help in getting my rental order to me over the  Thanksgiving holiday. You and Phillip went above and  beyond to ensure my daughter would have all that she  needed. We sincerely appreciate your stellar customer  service and look forward to dealing with you again in  the future (fingers crossed). I will most certainly pass  along your name to anyone visiting the area. Cheers,  Jennifer and Sophia Meehan” 12/8/2010

“For those traveling with children we rented bed rails,  car seats, beach toys, etc… from Twinkle Twinkle Little  Store of Naples (http://www. They  were the only rental company that would work with our  car rental and drop of the car seats so that we would  have them when we arrived at the Fort Myers airport.  Nobody else would drive to Fort Myers and Philip from  Twinkle Twinkle was very accommodating!” Margaret  Brejnak 10/27/2010

“The images online look like the items are in great  shape, and I love that rentals start new and are only  used a dozen or so times before rotating out to the  store to be purchased. Great customer service. Very  knowledgeable staff. What a great service you are  offering. What a relief to not have to travel with car  seats and know that I can rent them for a reasonable  price! Thanks! I look forward to checking out the store  when i visit.” Shaina Horner10/24/2010

“Phillip and Staff have gone above and beyond to  accommodate all of our changes to insure that our stay  will go off without a hitch! Best prices in the area.” Peter  Brejnak 10/08/2010

“I just wanted to send a thank you to your store and  your employee Phil.  He was a great help to us this  past week on our visit to Naples.  The carseats that we  rented from the car rental were not to normal safety  standards.  We refused to use them.  Your store was  there and ready for us to rent new carseats.  Phil was  also a great person to be our advocate to receive a  refund from the rental company.  We did infact receive  our refund today.  We visit Naples about once per year.   We will absolutely be contacting you for rentals when  we are in town in the future. Thank you so much for  helping make our vacation so much easier.”  Ramie,  Mike and Henry Mundy,Stacie, Jason and Adam Ness,  September 14, 2010

“I have been working with Phillip on arranging a rental  for our trip in October. He has been extremely  accommodating and willing to work with our rental  company to ensure the car seats will be there when we  arrive from the airport! Your prices are so competitive  and selection is amazing. It’s reassuring to know the  kids will have everything they need once we arrive and  we won’t have the headache of having to drag it  through the airport :o)” Margaret Brejnak 8/16/2010

“I very much like your web site. I had used a different  rental place last year (first experience) but I find your  site has more info and items and that you install the  car seat” Cathy D 8/8/2010

“This is the third time I’ve used your services – and  again you have selected age appropriate toys for my  granddaughter. She loved them. Thank you so much.  You made her visit a memorable one with the toys you  selected!” Mrs. J. C. Ellafrits 6/3/2010

“We had a wonderful time I will keep you guys in mind  for our next trip to Naples, hopefully sooner than later.  Thanks, Daniel Sulzer” 5/18/2010

“Dear Cheryl, Thank you so much for the rental of that  great baby and toddler stuff.  It made all the difference  for a fun holiday for my 3-year old and entertainment for  my 7-month old.  I hope your business continues to  have great success, so that we can rent from you again  next year! Best, Adriane Seiffert” 5/17/2010

“All the “stuff” has been terrific……..was so concerned  when Leslie from Kids Away was no longer with us….. nice to have you.” Rita Kohn 3/31/2010

“We’ve rented many times, the entire experience is  wonderful! We visit grandparents twice a year and rent  all the stuff we need for our children — it gets dropped  off and picked up on time, the rates are appropriate  and only once have we had a problem with something  not being in working order (and it was replaced  immediately when we brought it to your attention).   We’ll rent again and again. Everything we’ve rented has  been in working condition and clean, Please keep  open!!!  we need you!” Jennifer Ozard 3/20/2010

“Rates our reasonable, the items are in very good  shape and the rentals are awesome!” Kesi Bertrang  2/18/2010

“Cheryl Ann Thank you so much for the rentals! Nicole  loved everything especially the little people house”  Valoree Celona 02/14/2010

“We used your services last year and it was great!  Thank you!” Melodie Havlick 02/12/2010

“We ordered through your company last year and it was  a great experience.. Thanks – we used you guys last  year and you really made our vacation a true vacation.   Your stuff is the best!” Becky Minnich 1/31/2010

“I recommended the store for my sister to rent from for  her visit here to Naples.  She was very pleased and  purchased a few items.” Danielle Evans 1/25/2010

“Hi Cheryl, Just wanted to say thank you so much for  the toys and booster seats.  It was great that I didn’t  have to travel with all that stuff and the kids loved  playing with new toys.  It is a great idea for a company  and if we are ever in that area again I will contact you.  Thank you again, Brooke Minten” 12/29/2009

“Exceeded expectations. We really appreciated Cheryl  coordinating with the hotel to have everything ready  when we arrived- the items made our trip so much  easier, especially with our new 3 mos old baby” Sharon Wolf 6/27/2009

“Although a bunch of other rental places are no longer  around, Twinkle Twinkle Little Store is a really great  new place to get what you need. You can go into the  store and do a last minute rental of the things you need  such as a stroller and car seat. I also got a pack n play.  When they were gathering my rental items I also  bought a great sun hat and a life vest for my baby girl  that were really cute and at a great price. The rental  prices are also the best that I have ever seen, even  across the country compared to other cities! This is  such a great place to have.” Brent J.   3/23/2009

“We are coming back. 😉 You guys were great last  time… If we go to the beach we will come by and pick a  stroller up if you have one available… Thanks so much.  We planned this trip yesterday and got the tickets  today, sorry for the short notice” Ashley Asal    2/17/2009

“I LOVE THIS STORE! Had a fantastic rental experience  from start to finish. Renting much need baby gear  made our vacation a real vacation. The only bad thing  about TTLS of Naples is that I live 1100 miles away!  Keep up the great work ladies and I will be in next time  I am down in the Florida sun!” Eva R.  2/4/2009

“The rental worked out great. We are in your store all  the time. We just found out we have another grandchild  on the way, so I am sure that we are going to be  customers of yours for a long time.” Mr. Benua 1/31/2009

“LOVE your store….boy have you filled a much needed  ‘niche’ in this area.  Had so much fun there… bought  the car seat base and a Bumbo, Bobby, Baby Bjorn  and will rent the Nature Sound Swing for next week.  Thanks a million” Kathi Ferrara 1/15/2009

“When “little” guests will be visiting, don’t borrow, no  need to buy, just visit or call Twinkle Twinkle Little Store  and rent. You will always have the appropriate  equipment. Whether you need a crib, stroller, highchair  or age appropriate toys, this is your one stop shop.  They also deliver, set up and pickup when your little  guests are gone. What could be easier than that?”  Grandma Mary 1/14/2009 on

“Thank you for providing the equipment and making  our trip even more successful. Happy New Year!” Shari Matza 1/2/2009

“Thank you so much, your jogging stroller and toys  were all very clean, nice and new, and your delivery  was very punctual. We will definitely be using you next  time we visit” Jessica Neild 12/18/2008

“Thanks for everything! You made our first trip to Florida  with Dylan very Convenient! Next time we come to town  we will surely use your services again,”  James  Rhodes 5/10/2008

“We used Twinkle Twinkle Little Store and it was such  a great experience, my wife and I wanted to share with  all the other parents out there. We rented three things  and all were of excellent quality. The crib was top notch  and all setup and ready to just lay our daughter in  when we arrived late at night. The stroller  and swing  were also in great condition. They even had the same  swing we have at home, which made the transition for  the baby that much easier. I couldn’t imagine what this  trip would have been like without that swing. The prices  were the best I could find and if they weren’t, they said  they would match any competitors price. They also had  no delivery charge or fuel surcharges. They even made  a special accommodation for us regarding our pickup.  It was such a pleasant surprise to deal directly with the  owners of the company. Two mothers, who know the  needs and wants of children and seem to actually care  if those needs are achieved. We envisioned traveling  with our daughter for the first time to be a daunting  task, but she handled it with ease because of Twinkle  Twinkle Little Store. If you’re looking for a great  personal experience, I would highly recommend them.”  Ben Ferenzi   3/24/08   on