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After Hurricane Irma & Twinkle Outreach

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Not going to lie, we got hit really hard by Irma, the eye of the hurricane went directly over Twinkle Twinkle Little Store. While the store suffered only minor damage, the same cannot be said of the rest of Collier County. Twinkle Twinkle Little Store has power and was been able to reopen as a haven of power and AC pretty early on. The employees are all safe and have homes (all with some varying amount of damage), however most did not have power for over a week and we turned Twinkle into a shelter each night for employee families. The temperatures have been in the 90s, but with humidity also in the 90% range, it is intolerable. For 12 days there was no clean water due to water main breaks and sewage is flowing into the streets due to down pumps. Collier County (where Naples is) does truly look as devastated as the pictures you see on the news. 

So here is our request: If you can send help, please do. Twinkle Twinkle Little Store has always had a Twinkle Outreach program and now we are running full speed, donating diapers, formula and clothing to the areas hit hardest. We are distributing goods to those in need at the store, and we are running our vans to distribute to Naples plus the surrounding cities like Everglades City and Immokalee which have been flattened. Bonita Springs and Lehigh are still under water. If you can send formula, diapers, wipes or even your used summer clothing and shoes, please do. If you sell items to our store, please consider donating your items that were passed on. Ship it out in flat rate USPS box. Or send goods by Amazon.

Ship it to:

Twinkle Outreach
1005 Shady Rest Lane
Naples, FL 34103

We have a team that is working on getting these things distributed to those who need it.

We know there are many organizations distributing but one of the main challenges are for people who don’t have cars to get to them, so it is great for us to go to them. If you know of a location in need and a place we can set up, please let us know.

Thank you to all the donors and volunteers that are helping make these Outreaches happen!


holiday pop up

Twinkle Reading Program – Kids Earn Free Books

Twinkle Reading Program


Dear Reader,

Reading makes all things possible using your imagination. We love the ideas that stories that can provide you as you grow and develop your aspirations. This is one of the many reasons Twinkle Twinkle Little Store is supportive of your child’s reading development with our Twinkle Reading Program, compliments of Twinkle Outreach. The Twinkle Reading Program is a way for young readers to earn free books!

1) Read any 3 books and record them on the Twinkle Reading Program list.

2) Bring your completed list to Twinkle Twinkle Little Store anytime during the year.

3) Choose your FREE book from our designated bookshelf of complimentary books.

4) Repeat up to once per month!

Please click the link for the PDF version of the Reading List to fill out and turn in.

Twinkle Reading Program List