How To Sell Your Stuff

How Selling Your Stuff By Resale Works:
1) Bring in your clean, gently used items to our store anytime, no appointments necessary.
2) We will review your items and select those that meet current style, season, safety, demand and condition standards.
3) We make you an offer, and you get paid when you accept the offer!

What We Buy & Sell:

Clothing: Baby, Kids (newborn to kids size 16), Maternity clothing & shoes…
Toys: Toys for All Ages, DVDs, Books, Exersaucers, Walkers, Jumperoos
Furniture: Cribs, Bassinets, Cradles, Changing Tables, Toddler Beds
Equipment: High Chairs, Swings, Pack-n-plays, Bouncy Seats, Bed Rails
Gear: Bouncers, Boppys, Bumbos, Cart Covers, Gates, Bathtubs, Potties...
Travel: Strollers, Joggers, Tricycles, Car Seats, Infant Carriers and Slings ...

How can you make more money faster?
Some tips that are extremely helpful, but are not required:

Please bring your items in freshly laundered, pet hair and smoke free.
Do not bring clothing in on hangers and do not pin items together, however group matching piecestogether.

Clean baby gear and toys, and include working batteries.
Put toys with multiple small pieces together in a ziploc bag.

What do we not buy?

No toys, furniture or gear that has been recalled, damaged, or missing parts
No clothing/items stained, ripped, excessively worn, missing parts or recalled
No car seats more than 3 years old, missing parts or have been in an accident.
No stuffed animals, used board games or used jigsaw puzzles.
All cribs must meet new crib safety regulations as of June 28, 2011. Info available at

Please no more than 2 baskets or bags of clothing per visit.

We will offer you a choice of in-store credit or cash for your items. If you choose in-store credit, it will never expire, and you can use it anytime on anything in our store, and is 25% more than the cash offer. Or, you can take cash immediately. We will make you the offer once we have selected the items we can accept, then you can decide what you would like to do.

Baby Gear, Furniture and other accessories that can sell for $50 or more can also be sold on consignment.  You get to determine the selling price of the item, and when it sells you receive 50%. This is another option  for you to decide how much you get for your items, and is sometimes an opportunity to earn even more for  your stuff. Please visit in-store to complete a consignment form and for full details.

Please note that our buying and selling prices are BASED ON SUPPLY AND DEMAND.
There is no set  percentage that we pay per item, however we do pay you up to 50% of the resale price of the item. We  always suggest you visit our store before you bring things in to sell so that you can see what type of items  we sell and how we price our items.

All items must be brought into our store to receive an offer. Sorry, we are not able to provide quotes via  pictures, online or over the phone because offers vary based on condition which can only be assessed in  person. We also must be able to identify specific makes and models to check for recalls.

You are always welcome to look around our store while we go through your things. We will try our best to go  through and buy your items while you wait, however there are times when we may not be able to, or you  may not be able to wait. If that is the case, you can return within 72 hours in order to complete your  transaction. If you do not return, we will process your items, apply in-store credit to your account for the  things we are purchasing, and donate your passes.