About Us

We are a family owned and operated, independent company since 2008. We are local families who put our heart and soul into every day and every customer. We are not a franchise or chain. 
Company Philosophy
“Our mission is to educate and provide safe and affordable baby and children’s products to members of our
community and visitors alike, in an environment that is family friendly to our guests, volunteers and

We are as philanthropic as a business can get. Through our Twinkle Outreach program, we have donated
over $400,000 in-kind goods to local charities and individual families in need. We also raise funds within
our store in order to make monetary donations to many charities that don’t have immediate use for used
goods. We also provide free services to the community, such as regular ongoing car seat safety checks.

Beyond that, we give many individuals the opportunity to provide for their expanding families. Through our
volunteer Twinkle Co-Op program, in the first 4 years of business, we have helped over 600 families get the
baby gear, accessories, clothing and toys they needed for their growing children and families. With the
Twinkle Co-Op program, volunteers may help out in our store in exchange for $8/hour in-store credit which
they can then use to get anything they want in our store. Countless mothers, fathers, family members,
friends, and moms to be have participated in our program. In an economy where job opportunities are
scarce, we are told we are a godsend to so many, since baby is coming no matter what, there are things that
you absolutely have to get, and they are going to continue to grow.

We have also paid out over a million dollars to thousands of families in the community for their gently used
things — many of whom are very happy to get some extra cash, especially in their times of need, or to trade in
their things for the next size up or next level of toys and gear for their child’s development. We have heard
so many times about how the cash they have earned helped them pay for their children’s medicine, electric
bill, and so on.


Our little store is proud to have created at least 28 jobs for the local community.

We hire pregnant women who are, more often than not, turned down at other employment opportunities
because of their inevitable upcoming maternity leave. Actually we love having pregnant employees and
volunteers in our store because they love “nesting” in our store!

Many of our employees are mothers of young babies, toddlers and preschoolers. They are allowed to bring
their kids to work with them. Some of them have their mothers and husbands able to help out with watching
the kids. However, sometimes family members can’t. With daycare expenses running about $150 – $250 per
week on average, a mother employed elsewhere may have to miss work, or the costs of day care may not
make working worthwhile in the first place. Here, mothers do not have to worry about who will take care of
their children, and are able to return to work sooner and make more money that they actually get to keep
(rather than pay it to a day care).

Mothers in America often have to return to work much sooner than mothers in other countries, leaving their
babies in the care of others. In our store, we allow mother and child to continue to be with each other. The
benefits are endless, as mothers can continue to nurse their babies and provide them with nutrition and
immunity that can not be duplicated anywhere. Bonding between mother and baby can grow to last a lifetime.